Mission Statement:

CARES: ABC is designed to provide a comprehensive evaluation of a child’s academic and adaptive behavior skills.  CARES: ABC is also designed to fully provide a functional behavior analysis.  The CARES: ABC extended assessment provides a dynamic approach for a comprehensive evaluation that facilitates an optimal match between the development of effective teaching methods and each child’s unique developmental and behavioral needs.

Services Provided:

CARES: ABC provides a comprehensive, multidisciplinary evaluation which includes:

Intake assessment with Alan Lincoln, Ph.D.
Psychological Evaluation
Speech and Language Evaluation
Occupational Therapy Evaluation
Academic Skill Level Evaluation
Functional Behavior Analysis
57 hours of classroom attendance over 30 calendar days
Diagnostic Teaching with a 1:1 ratio
Home-based evaluation of behavioral/self-help skills*
Parent Training/Education as needed
A comprehensive written report
Attendance at an IEP upon request
Teacher/Aide training and observation at CARES: ABC

*As approved by CARES: ABC Director and will count as clinic hours.

Services may also include (at an additional cost):

Psychiatric Examination
Genetic Testing
Neurological Examination
Audiological Examination
Vision Examination
Teacher training at school site to assist with transition


Alan Lincoln, Ph.D.:  Dr. Lincoln is a licensed clinical psychologist with a specialization in developmental neuropsychology.  He completes the intake assessment and oversees additional psychological testing.

Regina Veprin, M.S., CCC-SLP: Mrs. Veprin serves as the primary classroom teacher as she holds a current California Teaching Credential.  She is responsible for all academic assessments, and oversees the parent education/training program.  In addition, as a California State Licensed Speech and Language Pathologist, she conducts all of the speech and language assessments.

Monica Feinberg-Gizzo, Ph.D.:  Dr. Feinberg-Gizzo is a licensed clinical psychologist who serves as a consulting psychologist to the ABC school.  She conducts psychological assessments, including testing and data analysis.

Sunday Landraint, M.A.: Ms. Landraint serves as the secondary classroom teacher, is responsible for the functional behavior analysis, and assists in the parent education/training program.

Occupational Therapist:  The Occupational Therapist is responsible for evaluating Occupational Therapy needs.

Classroom Assistants:  Assistants are trained tutors who assist with teaching and diagnostic tasks.

CARES: ABC is a California Special Education approved Non-Public Agency service under the Center for Autism Research, Evaluation and Service.  CARES: ABC can also be funded privately or by a third party provider.